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Remember the infamous comment made by former Infosys CEO, Mr. Narayana Murthy that 90% of the Indian Engineers are not "Employable". If you are determined to change this notion and prove them wrong, then join us and be a mentor. We always encourage well versed professionals to share their knowledge with us!

You Are Most Welcome To Be One of Our Highly Qualified Instructors If:

  • You have been working as a professional or an instructor for at least 5 years
  • You have a much deeper understanding of your field (management, Java, selling, SAP...) than people with much more experience than you and therefore you can proudly categorize yourself as an "Expert".
  • You have mentored fresher and juniors in your company and are passionate about training them in your respective field.
  • You believe that Infosys' unpleasant comments that 90% of Indian graduates are not employable, a challenge, but you want to contribute to the cause of making sure that Indian graduates are better trained for jobs than 90% of U.S. graduates.

Our Promise to You:

  • Develop a course according to your design, knowledge and ideas.
  • The first level of teacher support would be under your supervision.
  • Share the revenue with you
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About our instructors

Our instructors are expert working professionals, having minimum of 5yrs of experience in the industry. They are working as project leads, product manager, senior software engineer etc. with companies like Microsoft, IBM, CISCO. They want to share their knowledge with the community and we provide the platform for that. "Money is not the motivation of our instructors" unlike all the teachers you would have seen all your lives.